Our Services

• Appendectomy – Removal of the Appendix 
• ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) 
     o Co-Surgeon for anterior approach with Neurosurgeon 
• Breast Surgery 
    o Lumpectomy 
    o Mastectomy 
    o Sentinel lymph node biopsy 
 • Cholecystectomy – Removal of the Gallbladder 
 • Colon resections (including laparoscopic) 
 • Colonoscopy (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)
• Hernia repair, open and laparoscopic 
• Hemorrhoid Procedures & Management 
• Lymph node biopsies 
• Pilonidal Cyst Excision 
• Placement of dialysis catheters (Venous and Peritoneal) 
• Placement & Removal of port a catheter 
• Skin lesion removal, including melanoma 
• Upper endoscopies, include dilation 
• Wound Care